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The Skyline Team is available to help all businesses who require Information Technology and Systems Support during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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Markets We Serve

We Understand Your Unique Needs

Our deep understanding, knowledgeable team, and commitment to solving your most complex business challenges make us different.


Partner with a business that understands the complexity and changing landscape of Enterprise IT.

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Transportation agencies need a partner who can help them navigate these new challenges. Advances in ITS technologies require agencies to embrace a new level of IT expertise.

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Skyline has provided IT Solutions to hundreds of State Agencies, County Governments and Local Municipalities offering us the opportunity to share these rich experiences with others.

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We empower Nonprofits to achieve their core mission by eliminating their IT frustrations.

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Schools are becoming a Digital Environment today with demanding Information Technology needs driven by the early adoption of technology by the younger generations.

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Higher Education

As the use of technology in higher education increases, supporting a modern learning environment is becoming increasingly difficult.

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Claris Portal

Dynamic Web Portal for Video and Data

The Claris Portal filters information so users can focus on the most crucial matters. Easily share real-time video and data streams across operating systems, and between decision makers, partnering agencies, and first responder personnel. Challenging situations require informed decisions.

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Claris Mobile Video

Real time video, shared from any location

Claris Mobile Video is a vehicle-mounted, self-contained, and weatherproof video camera that transmits live video while the vehicle is stationary or moving. Viewers can now see live video directly from the vehicle for real time information on traffic, weather, and road conditions, or other situational awareness scenarios. The Claris Mobile Video is a PTZ camera that remote operators can adjust to provide the most insightful video.

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Virtual Video Wall Software

Skyline's Vero solution is transforming the video wall management experience. Say goodbye to bulky and costly hardware-based video walls and hello to Vero. This software-based video wall can be displayed on any device and creates a new way to share your video wall content.

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Public Portal

Customize your own dashboard

Create your own dashboard with a portal designed to ingest any data set. This is the first portal to allow every user to create their own dashboard with the information that matters most to them. Agencies have a great deal of data and it's challenging to provide a user portal that allows each user to customize the data and view for them.

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